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 database 2007

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PostSubject: database 2007   Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:20 pm

hola me bajo la database del 2007 pero en todos los equipos los ciclistas se le acaban los contratos al empezar la partida y me pasa 2 cosas,
1º q hay muchos fichajes al quedarse muchos corredores libres, y 2º q todo mi equipo se muqeda libre les doy a renovar pero alguns me rechazan y me jode, mi pregunta es ¿¿como puedo cambiar la fecha de los contratos para que no se queden todos los corredores libres al empezar la partida??
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PostSubject: Re: database 2007   Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:33 pm

I don't speak spanish, sadly...

But if I understand you right, the contracts of the riders expire on the first day(s) of a new career with a certain 2007 DB.
You can download the Converters for CyM4 (Download section -> CyM4 -> Editors & Utilities); here you need the converter for the DYN_contract_cyclist.
Use the converter to convert this part of the DB into a *.txt-file named DYN_contract_cyclist.txt.
Open this file and change the 5th column: If you want all contracts to expire in 2007, insert 1193310000. If you want a contract to expire in 2008, insert 1224846000 instead.
After doing this, import the txt-file into the DB again using the converter. Now it should work, as far as I know.

Maybe someone can translate this to spanish?
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database 2007
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