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 Welcome & Rules

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Il Bandito

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PostSubject: Welcome & Rules   Tue Sep 05, 2006 2:01 pm

Welcome in the English section of CyM3 & CyM4 BDB Forum!

I hope that the creation of this forum is useful to all funs that to still play Cycling Manager 3 and Cycling Manager 4.

1 - In this forum it is only spoken about CyM3 & CyM4.
2 - Tried, in the limit of the possible, not to go outside topic and you adhere to the object of the topic in issue.
3 - If the topics will not satisfies your requirements, you will be able to create one adequate.
4 - The good education is obligation, the users who will not respect it will be, in get worse of cases, banned.
5 - To download the CyM3 and CyM4 updates you must to subscribe this forum.

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Welcome & Rules
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